chiavediSvolta presents here some video producted by itself as production firm. These are freely distributed.

Safety and insafety
Safety and insafety is a documentary that investigats on the fear's nature - is it physical or psychological? - that fear experienced by the contemporary man who, viewing the terroristic attack, develop and increase security devices. "safety and insafety" has been produced - by Maria Guidone, in November 2005- thinking of a personal fruition, at least of a televisive fruition, for its almost journalistic nature. In other words the vision on a pc screen is the best thing for this documentary.

Fin" is a short film, prodeced in November 2004 by Maria Guidone. It is a free game, realized with a "nouvelle vogue" camera full of surrealism and oneirism.

Le papier
"Le papier"; the paper, freed by its role of writing's support take a peculiar materiality, which, in the rhythm an life of the city, become a glass for the spaces, for the feelings, for the variations of velocity of everyday.