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What you see over here is Tux, Linux's penguin symbol... Watch out, you have to call it TUC!

Once you have practiced with it, you can go on reading this text. First: why these pages?

Linux's intent, in a sense, lead me to do it: the open source idea is that. Since now I've used other men' s work; people who, usually for fun or intellectual challenge have created software, have given documents, and people who have wasted their time helping me whenever I'd had trouble with my pc.

What I've done for them? I can't develop a software, so I think I can waste a little of my time to share my experience with linux, so everyone who need an help can use it. I want to pun on the net all my knowledge, remembering that that are not advanced knowledges. But usually the average of the users needs this: help on how to resolve (in the simplest way) very simple problems, often not taken in care by the experts.

Obviously this ipertext doesn't want to be complete... I hope it will grow I ask readers to contact me if they wnat to share my idea sending contributions, ideas, corrections...

A special thank to Mariano Manicastri who had installed Linux on my computer for the first time, and has helped me everytime I had a problem...