Chiave di Svolta association had started its activity as publising house in 2006. The first book which carries on uor mark was published in july, it is "Lo zoo dei giostranti" by Alessandro De Rossi, winner of the "chiavediSvolta literary contest 2006". The world is full of editors, it's true. Library are full of book, it's true too. But above all, nothing can escape from the rules of the big enterprises, that causes the failure of the little ones. so we know that chiavediSvolta can't escape this mechanisms, can't overturn or fight them. We can simply stand apart; we can stay on a parallel - very, very far! - line; ignore the system - or create a radical and methodic doubt! -; invent a no-profit space, without negoziability, copyrights, without studies on the reader's psychology, statistics and probablility on their taste, mind, money! An autonomous space - suspended in air, in a precarious balance, made by questions, aspirations, freedom, indipendence - that exist only for frenzy narrations, hammering rhymes, allitterative consonants, brilliant, iperrealistic dialogues, mimethic resonances. Our assonances, metaphores, our characters should circulate in a new world, free and spontaneous, they should be book to be transcribed, to be copied, to be passed from one man to another. The author's name - let tell it invane! - will be a seal, not a prison by which kept the work chained by copyrights: our books will be distributed with a licence that makes everyboby know who is the father of that work, not limiting authonomous and... parricidial development. A novel's page - the paper ones! - can be taken again, frantumated, quoted, filmed, drawed, to generate something else, maybe... paper's castels! For further informations about our ideas and publishing activities click on more informations.

E le nostre assonanze, le nostre metafore, i nostri personaggi, dovranno circolare in modo nuovo, libero e spontaneo, saranno libri da trascrivere, da fotocopiare, da passare di mano in mano. Il nome dell'autore -e pronunciamolo pure invano!- resterą come sigillo, ma non sarą pił una prigione in cui legare l'opera alla catena del copyright: i nostri libri saranno distribuiti con una licenza che garantisca comunque all'autore di essere sempre riconosciuto padre del suo lavoro, ma senza limitarne gli sviluppi autonomi e... parricidi.
Le pagine di un romanzo -proprio quelle di carta!- possono venir riprese, spezzettate, citate, filmate, disegnate, fino a generare qualcos'altro, magari... castelli di carta!
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