Here we try to make clear how is formulated our publishing activity from the economic point of view, and how it differ from the classical one. The main goal italian publishing houses wish to reach is that of gain as much as it is possible from their publications. This is the reason for publicate only book they are sure they can sell, usually made by already well-known writers, payed with the copyright's money, that goes also to the SIAE. Obviously the money the author receive are only a small amount of that will be gained by the publishing house and the SIAE. If there is an unknown writer, or a non-saleable work, a publishing house usually demand the author or a financing organization (university, State, Associations, etc.) to cover all the costs. If this is the case the author has no earnongs and his work will remain unknow. Moreover: for the publication is already paid, the publishing firm will not mind to distribute the book. They think the book won't sell too much, so it isn't important to go around and let it be known. Moral: the book will be given to his creator, an he will give it to his family and friends, or it will remain in the firm's warehouse.
Our main goal is that of distribute the books we publish. We think the most important thing for an author is that his work will be read by a lot of people. for make this possible the book's cost have to be ceapest, reproducible and possibly on internet.
It is necessary, furthermore, that the diffusion will be smart and careful: tu put a book on a shelf in a library i snot enough. We want to promote our books with presentations in libraries and associations. To reach that goals it is necessary that no earnings goes to the publishing house. We will underline that our work is definitely free and we don't eran anythin for our activity.
obviously the author does'n eran anything, too. Surely, it will be our aspiration to become able to pay the author for his work (not for the sold copies!). It will be the best reward for his efforts. Sadly, this is not possible yet...
We believe, however, that the chance to publish something totally at our expenses and distribute it with care and attention is something like a "reward" for an effort that in other cases will be non-retributed and useless, too.