The first edition of the Chiave di Svolta literary contest has been concluded. It was an hard decision.. Many interesting and good works had arrived, but we have to decide which one we have to publish! The jury, repeating that there is the possibility of publish other work in the future, has estabilished unanimously the winner, which is:

Alessandro De Rossi

con l'opera


the jury' s motivation is: The work give a clear, cynical, surreal point of view on political and social themes, with a original style, deriving from the union of a light, fragmented, fervent and dynamic writing with a structure perfectly balanced between past and future, in a continuous becoming. This novel is the biography of a child born in the Mediterranean sea, on a ship going from Africa to Genoa, left alone by his mother, found after some hours like an "insoundable crucible of ossimoric physical features", and soon adpted by a poor genoanian family. The history of Martino - this is the main character's name - is the possibility of his redemption; he build his own "glourios" political future, exploiting his cynism and the disenchantment his origin had written on his face. The author deal with the topos of the self-made man with a peculiar irony and a sharp wit, building a surreal journey from which raise the desolation, frustration, absurdity, weakness and, at least, the humanity of a life dedicated to the political realization: from 1983 to 2006. the italian and international political history is cleverly mixed with personal history of Martino, after that the years from 2006 to 2025 are narrated (or, in the narrative fiction, created) through Martino's election as Council's President, with a "diderotian" style that move the characters showing, behind "what is done", what is left relegated to the possibility field. A possibility, however, that acquire concretness and reality drawing clearly a future, already written by the same protagonist in his first 20 years of life.

"lo zoo dei giostranti" has been published by Chiavedisvolta in June 2006.
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Winner apart, the jury mentions for their originality and interests:

Danilo Cannizzaro, Tormentati dal rumore polveroso delle stelle
Giorgio Diaz, Lo sgozzatore di Cigni
Vanes Ferlini, Racconti spezzati
Pietro Iulita, Racconti senza tempo
Emmanuel Christian Kellermann, Michelle K.
Walter Morelli, Avventure silenti a volte insolute
Raffaele Olivieri, Il mare a Milano
Romano Palazzi, Il romanzo della bancherella
Mario Sodano, A casa tutto bene. Grazie